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Cyklon Boats

This website is about my father, Åke Sundstedt.
He was a musician and boat designer - and self-taught in both areas.

Åke was very musical and he treated the accordion as few. Even the guitar got to know his handsome fingers. Together with his cousin Hasse (guitar) and his friend Erik (double bass) he had for many years a trio. They played dance music at several restaurants and festivals in the Stockholm area for many years. This was mainly in the 1940s and 1950s, but also a bit into the 1960s.

Åke also played with several of the so-called celebrities of the past and participated in several gramophone recordings. However ... musicianship remained his hobby all the time.

Another hobby, as many believed was his profession, was the designing of speed boats. He started already in the 1940s. It was always about plywood constructions, and when the plastic took over in the 1960s, Åke let his tools rest. Åke competed successfully with several of his designs over the years, and most of them were named Cyklon. He won a couple of Swedish Championships and was also a Swedish record holder.

Jan Sundstedt

The Swedish Championships 1951
New Swedish record holder
35,5 knots
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